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Meal replacement plans are simple: You use prepackaged and highly nutritious products in place of meals. They’re also an effective weight loss method, which is why Dr. Kofi Nuako at Summit Weight Management offers meal replacements along with the information and support you need to lose weight successfully. To learn more about meal replacement plans, call their office in Union City, Tennessee or use the online booking feature to schedule a consultation.

Meal Replacement Plan Q & A

What are meal replacements?

Meal replacements come in many forms: beverage or shake, snack bar, complete meal, or soup. But no matter what type you use, all meal replacements are prepackaged, so they automatically control the portion, calories, and nutrients.

When you follow a meal replacement plan, you typically substitute one or two regular meals with the prescribed replacement products. Dr. Nuako and the team at Summit Weight Management provide specific instructions, products, and support to their patients using meal replacements.

What are the advantages of meal replacement?

While you follow a meal replacement plan, the team at Summit Weight Management can give you tips on how to prepare healthy, balanced, and calorie-controlled meals. Meanwhile, your meal replacements provide:

Calorie restriction with nutrition

Weight loss depends on consuming fewer calories, but it’s a challenge to significantly reduce calories while also getting the nutrition you need to stay healthy and energized. Meal replacements provide a solution to that problem because they’re fortified with vitamins and minerals.


With meal replacements, you don’t have to worry about counting the calories. You also don’t have to think about what to eat that stays within your diet guidelines, making meal replacement an excellent way to kickstart your diet.

Behavior modification

Meal replacements can help you break years of bad eating habits. For example, you can carry a meal replacement with you, so it’s easy to resist the temptation of picking up fast food for a meal. Prepackaged meals also help you learn about portion control.

Blood glucose control


Some meal replacements are formulated to keep blood sugar within a normal range, which is essential if you have pre-diabetes or diabetes. Skipping meals makes it hard to manage blood sugar; consuming a meal replacement is healthier than skipping a meal.

Are meal replacement plans effective?

Numerous studies show that structured weight loss programs using meal replacements are quite effective at helping patients lose weight. Adults who participated in one meal replacement study lost about 84% of their body fat after 12 months.

Meal replacements are also effective for helping you maintain your weight loss. They can also help you continue losing weight if you hit a plateau.

If you need help with any aspect of your weight, or you have questions about meal replacements, call Summit Weight Management or book an appointment online.